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Egyptian Armant Herding Dog

Rare Egyptian herding dog


The Egyptian Armant Herding Dog was named Armant after the town in Egypt where they seemed to be the most prevalent. The town of Armant is an ancient town near Thebes on the west bank of the Nile River in the upper region of Egypt. The Egyptian Armant Herding Dogs were first used as guard dogs but farmers quickly saw their value as a herding dog as well. Many researchers believe that the Egyptian Armant came from crossing the Briard with various European dogs that were brought into Egypt by Napoleon’s troops. Another theory is that the breed developed over many years from Egyptian farm dogs and had no influence of the Briard. Yet another theory, one less likely, is that the Egyptian Armant Herding Dog developed by breeding the Bearded Collie and the Newfoundland with Egyptian farm dogs that descended from European herding breeds.

“The origins of the breed are very old. This dog has developed and spread all over the country from Armant region, situated in upper Egypt and have been brought to the north by ships on the Nile river. Photos from the second part of 19th Century captured images of this dog which did not change at all since that period”.

Egyptian Kennel Federation

OTHER NAMES – Egyptian Sheepdog, Egyptian Shepherd Dog, Hawara Dog, Ermenti


The Egyptian Armant Herding Dog is an extremely intelligent breed that is very trainable. They require an owner that has the time to properly train them and give them the daily attention and exercise they deserve. Early socialisation will make them more accepting of new situations and people. The Egyptian Armant will bond closely with their family and will naturally become guardian of their home, as they thrive in a home where they have a set job to complete. When not working they love to play with children and go for long walks. Owners should keep plenty of toys available when they’re not able to devote time to them or they can become destructive in the home. Being a sheepdog with an inbred herding instinct, they require a sturdy fence to keep them from trying to herd vehicles, bicycles or neighbourhood children. The Egyptian Armant is not known to be aggressive to other dogs and should do well in a home with multiple dogs. These dogs can learn to live in a variety of different sized homes, though you’ll need to take them out more often if you live in an area without a garden or big enough play area.


This information is taken from kennel clubs and other reliable sources

PURPOSE BRED FORHerding, Guarding, Companion
TEMPERAMENTIntelligent, Fearless, Affectionate
EXERCISE NEEDED1 hour per day
HEIGHT – MALE50-60 cm / 19.5-23.5 in (to shoulder)
HEIGHT – FEMALE45-55 cm / 17.5-21.5 in (to shoulder)
COAT TYPEMedium or Long


  • The Egyptian Armant Herding Dog is found in several different colours but black, black and tan, grey and yellow are the most common colours.
  • The coat can become corded over time as the dogs mature if they are not groomed regularly.
  • Currently the Egyptian Armant Herding Dog is only officially recognised by the Egyptian Kennel Federation, and is a rare dog outside of Egypt.
  • The Armant can have many looks – as they have varying lengths of coat, different types of ears and many coat colours. See photos below.


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