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Montenegrin Mountain Hound

The official breed of the Republic of Montenegro


Like many breeds that stem back in history a century or more, little documentation seems to exist on the dog’s actual origin, but there are hints that imply how they may have first developed. They share quite a bit in common with other regional breeds like that of the other Balkan hounds, indicating they may also share similar ancestry. Heavy speculation exists that both were likely the result of a cross between the sight hounds often traded by the Phoenicians and that of indigenous Slavic dogs. Records indicate hounds very similar to those around today were used as far back as the 1800’s, but could go further given their extensive use in the area. Official acknowledgement did not appear until 1924, when the first breed standard was written, but they were not truly recognised until 1969, then still known as the Yugoslavian Mountain Hound. In 1997, the FCI officially changed their name to the Montenegrin Mountain Hound. While they were and are somewhat popular animals to use for hunting in their region compared to other breeds, they are still considered quite rare and are not often found outside of their native country.

OTHER NAMES – Yugoslavian Mountain Hound, Crnogorski Planinski Gonic


While on the hunt, the Montenegrin Mountain Hound are lively, determined animals with a high level of endurance to match. While in the home, however, they are laid-back, docile dogs that are easy-going with both their families and other dogs. They are an affectionate breed and form tight bonds with their owners and families, going to great lengths to prove their loyalty. Because of their intelligence and the independence developed over centuries of hunting, they can be a little stubborn, so the earlier training starts the better. While they are not necessarily commonly wary of strangers, they may have a tendency to be aloof. If directed, they will gladly accept a job as a guardian – watching and wandering the premises of their home and alerting their owners of any suspicious activity. Because of it, they can tend to be frequent barkers, making them a bit less suitable for apartment living. Montenegrin Mountain Hounds are generally known to be good with kids but may have trouble with non-canine animals in and around the home due to their high prey drive.


This information is taken from kennel clubs and other reliable sources

COUNTRY OF ORIGINRepublic of Montenegro
PURPOSE BRED FORHunting, Companion
TEMPERAMENTDocile, Loyal, Affectionate
EXERCISE NEEDEDUp to an hour per day
HEIGHT – MALE49-50 cm / 19-19.6 in (to shoulder)
HEIGHT – FEMALE48-49 cm / 18.5-19 in (to shoulder)
COAT TYPEShort, Glossy, Smooth


  • Their basic coat colour is black with tan markings above the eyes, on the muzzle and on the lower parts of the legs.
  • If they do not get the proper amount of exercise, they may become restless and their behaviour may suffer because of it, so they generally do better in homes with gardens, or active families.
  • This breed are low maintenance dogs, as their short coats need brushing only once a week with a firm bristle brush to remove loose hair and dirt while helping to distribute their coat’s natural oils.


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