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Poodle (Toy)

Glamorous, intelligent breed descended from European duck hunters


Contrary to the common belief that the Poodle originated from France, it actually originated from Germany around the 17th century. The German word for Poodle is “Pudel” which simply means splash in the water, which goes hand in hand with the canines’ history of water retrieving. The ancestors of the Poodle can be traced as far back as ancient Rome, where images of dogs that closely resembled the Poodle have been found etched on walls of tombs. In the twelfth century, Poodle-type dogs were carved on the coins of Greece, as well as Rome. However, the first evidence of the breed’s beginnings can be found in Germany in the sixteenth century, where pudel dogs were known for their love of water. In fact, the German word pudel means “to splash in the water,” thus resulting in the Anglicised “Poodle” breed name. Germany was not only the origin of the breed, but also of the two coat types found in the Poodle breed: the woolly coat and the corded coat. As the breed’s popularity spread, the German pudel dogs were exported throughout Europe and eventually France, where the breed was refined into the slender, curly-coated breed that we see today. The breed’s natural affinity for water, its tendency to pick up objects with its mouth, and its intelligence and trainability was soon recognized by upland and water fowl hunters. In France they became known as the Caniche, (with cane being the French word for female duck), or duck dog. The breed continued to grow as a symbol of status during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

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OTHER NAMES – Caniche, Pudel, Barbone


This Toy is a joy! Happy, friendly, intelligent, and playful, they know no bounds. These dogs are smart and loyal but can also be mischievous. Despite their dignified personalities, they are quite playful and love to please their owners. That, along with their intelligence, makes them easy to train. If these dogs are trained well and also get the proper amount of exercise, they can be very calm and co-operative pets. They will also be protective over their home and their families, and will make good watchdogs that will bark if anyone that they don’t know approaches the house. They may require some time to become friendly with strangers but will be affectionate with their family members. Although their cleverness often impresses people, this means that they can be difficult to deal with at times, as they can learn bad habits as well as good. They will do great with kids. They do well with other pets, especially if they have grown up with them. If your Toy Poodle is used to being the only pet in the house, however, they may need some time to adjust to a new addition.


This information is taken from kennel clubs and other reliable sources

TEMPERAMENTIntelligent, Playful, Loving
EXERCISE NEEDEDUp to 1 per day
HEIGHT – MALELess than 28 cm / 11 in (to shoulder)
HEIGHT – FEMALELess than 28 cm / 11 in (to shoulder)
COAT TYPEMedium length, thick and curly
LIFE EXPECTANCY12 – 15 years


  • A Poodle’s grooming needs are considerable. Clipping must be done regularly, typically about every 6 to 8 weeks, or that fine curly coat will mat into gnarly knots.
  • Poodles can be one of the best family dogs possible. For the tiny dog’s safety, though, most breeders won’t place Toy Poodles in homes with children younger than 10 years.
  • The Toy Poodle has great swimming abilities. The coat is adapted to water and will cord if left to grow naturally. The poodle’s hair grows naturally to protect vital organs and joints from cold water.
  • Playing interactively with them in between their formal walks is advised. They love to play and have fun and prefers doing so with their family.
  • This little charmer is fun to teach tricks to. They’ll dance, play dead, and do most anything else you ask them to do. The more praise you give them, the better they’ll do. They’re designed for delighting you.


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