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Uruguayan Cimarron

The national dog of Uruguay


The origin of the Uruguayan Cimarron is uncertain. It is known to be descended from the dogs introduced by the Spanish and Portuguese conquerors. From the crossing of these abandoned dogs in Uruguay and from a natural selection where only the fittest, most cunning and strong survived, the Uruguayan Cimarron was born. The inhabitants of the time, recognising the value of these dogs, domesticated them and progressively began to use them very successfully as guardians of their establishments and in their daily work with livestock. This outstanding guard and working farm dog is now the most sought after dog breed in Uruguay. It was honoured with a stamp issued in 1995, and is currently the mascot of the National Army of Uruguay.

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OTHER NAMES – Cimarron Uruguayo, Cimarron, Cimarron Creole, Cimarron Dog


The Uruguayan Cimarron is a working breed, which can be used for plenty of purposes, but at the same time, they can be family dogs and companions. They have a high prey drive and will need to be closely watched around other pets in the home. They must have a solid fence to keep them contained. They love to wander and if allowed to do so, they can easily become an aggressive dog towards people and other animals. Training and socialisation will need to be started at a young age and be continual. The Uruguayan Cimarron is not a dog for first time dog owners. They will try to dominate family members; therefore, they must understand their role within the family. Expect the Uruguayan Cimarron to challenge you for the alpha role if you are not a strong leader. Generally, they is not a good choice for families with young children, they are big and energetic. They love to play and might unintentionally hurt a small child by knocking them over. The Uruguayan Cimarron is an intelligent dog that will need a lot of attention, training and exercise. They are high energy and will require a strong leader to take them on walks and teach them how to be a socially acceptable dog. The Uruguayan Cimarron does have a softer side. When raised by an experienced handler who is knowledgeable about the breed, they are extremely loyal and even considered calm and gentle by those people the dog knows and trusts.


This information is taken from kennel clubs and other reliable sources

PURPOSE BRED FORHunting, Guarding
TEMPERAMENTIntelligent, Courageous, Loyal
EXERCISE NEEDED1 hour per day
HEIGHT – MALE58-61 cm / 22.5-24 in (to shoulder)
HEIGHT – FEMALE55-58 cm / 21-22.5 in (to shoulder)
COAT TYPEShort, Smooth, Double Coat


  • Uruguayan Cimarrons do not bark unnecessarily.
  • Some people class this dog as a large breed because they are very muscular and heavy.
  • They are naturally distrustful of strangers so you will have to properly introduce your guests to your dog.
  • If these dogs are not exercised enough or are overfed, they are prone to gain weight and to be obese.


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