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This German badger and rabbit hunter comes in a variety of sizes and coat types

Other Names – Wiener Dog, Badger Dog, Sausage Dog, Dackel, Teckel

The Dachshund comes in three coat varieties – long haired, wire haired and smooth haired. They also come in two sizes – Standard and Miniature, although in some countries there is another smaller size – the ‘Kaninchen’. Originating in Germany where they are known as the Teckel (badger dog). The Dachshund, is still used for both tracking wounded game such as deer, and for going to ground after badger or rabbits. Dachshunds’ short legs keep them low to the ground to track scents, and their narrow bodies allow them to crawl into burrows, looking for badgers. Despite their small size, Dachshunds are brave and fierce.

Dachshunds aren’t built for distance running, leaping, or strenuous swimming, but otherwise these tireless hounds are game for anything. Bred to be an independent hunter of dangerous prey, they can be brave to the point of rashness, but their endearing nature and unique look has won millions of hearts the world over. Many owners think that because they are so small, Dachshunds don’t require more exercise than just running around the house. However, they do need regular exercise not only to stay fit, but also to build strong muscles to support and protect their back. To avoid injury, never allow your Dachshund to run up and down stairs or jump on or off furniture. Dachshunds are very intelligent but are also independent and often stubborn, so they can be a challenge to train. They love to give and receive affection and do best with positive, reward-based training. Dachshunds are affectionate and playful little dogs who have a lot of energy considering their smaller size. Once they’ve tired themselves out getting into mischief, they’re happy to curl up somewhere warm with their owner.

Read more about the history of this breed – HERE


Most of these stats are from the The Kennel Club UK. You can view stats from kennel clubs around the world at the links below, which may have different standards and classifications.

Group – UKHound
Bred ForHunting
Rare BreedNo
Country of OriginGermany
TemperamentFriendly, Intelligent, Lively
Exercise NeededUp to 1 hour a day
Size of Home NeededSmall
Weight – Standard – Females9 – 12 kg / 20 – 26 lb
Weight – Standard – Males9 – 12 kg / 20 – 26 lb
Weight – Miniature – Males4.5 kg / 10 lb
Weight – Miniature – Females4.5 kg / 10 lb
GroomingVaries due to coat
Coat – Long HairedMedium and soft
Coat – Wire HairedShort, straight and harsh
Coat – Smooth HairedShort, dense and smooth
Life Expectancy12 – 16 years Miniatures live slightly longer
  • It is extremely important that a Dachshund not be allowed to become overweight. This is not only because of general health reasons, but also to avoid strain to the Dachshund’s long back, which can lead to slipped or ruptured (herniated) discs.
  • Dachshunds do have a high prey drive and love to chase so we wouldn’t recommend keeping them with smaller pets. They may get along OK with a cat they have grown up with, but you should always supervise your Dachshund with other animals.
  • Although their life expectancy is 12 – 15 years, they can live longer than most breeds and two Dachshunds have held the Guinness World Record for oldest living dog.
  • Dachshunds love to curl up in warm places, which often means making a little nest for themselves anywhere they can burrow down.
  • Dachshund is naturally suspicious toward strangers. It is an excellent watchdog which loudly barks (it has deep voice) when it detects unknown people at the door.


Breed standards vary throughout the world, click these links to kennel clubs around the world for more information of those standards and for further information about Dachshunds. Some of the links below are for Standard Dachshunds but you can easily find details about the Miniature ones on these websites too.


Click on any picture below to view it larger and in a slideshow, it’s worth it! 😃

Long Haired

Wire Haired

Smooth Haired


Enjoy this video about Dachshunds, you can view the entire playlist of videos about this breed on our YouTube Channel by clicking the button below:


Here’s some websites specifically dedicated to the Dachshund breed, click to view them. I am not affiliated with any of these sites, they’re just here for further information. Please note I will not advertise breeders on this site and as many websites dedicated to a specific breed are run by breeders, sometimes there’s fewer sites listed here.

Thanks for reading!

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