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Bracco Italiano

Stylish Italian Hunt Point Retrieve breed

This Italian Hunt Point Retriever breed was known in its native country as the Italian Pointer. Their origins, like many of the Braque Breeds of Continental Europe might be based on the combination of hounds and gundogs. The Bracco Italiano shares some physical similarities with the Spinone but their coat is short, glossy and elastic. Their stylish movement has brought them popularity and success in the show ring since their arrival into the UK in the 1990’s.

Known to be a loyal and devoted dog, the Bracco is a real gentle giant and they love being around people, thriving in a home environment. They are one of the breeds that seems to have an affinity with children of all ages which means they are a great choice as family pets. Braccos can have a bit of a stubborn streak in them at times which is why their training and education must start as early as possible. This means introducing a puppy to new situations, as many new people and other animals as possible once they are fully vaccinated. Obedience training is a must for a Bracco because without the right education and guidance, dogs can start to show a more dominant side to their natures which is something to be avoided at all costs in such large and imposing dogs. These dogs are never happier than when they know their place in the “pack” and when they know they can look up to their owners for direction. They like and need to be kept occupied both physically and mentally. This means lots of outdoor time and playing interactive games as much as possible. Ideally, a Bracco should be allowed as much “off the lead” time in a safe environment as they can be given so they can really let off steam. Letting a Bracco run free in a well fenced back garden is the perfect environment for them to do just this. Although the Bracco Italiano is a good choice as a family pet is not the best choice for first time owners because they need to be trained and handled by someone who is familiar with the needs of such a large and imposing dog. It’s worth knowing that Braccos only mature when they are around 3 years old and as such this needs to be taken into account when training them.

Read more about the history of this breed – HERE


Most of these stats are from the The Kennel Club UK. You can view stats from kennel clubs around the world at the links below, which may have different standards and classifications.

Group – UKGundog
Bred ForHunting
Rare BreedYes
Country of OriginItaly
TemperamentGentle, Intelligent, Loving
Exercise NeededMore than 2 hours a day
Size of Home NeededLarge
Height at Withers – Females55 – 62 cm / 21¾ – 24½ in
Height at Withers – Males58 – 67 cm / 22¾ – 26¼ in
GroomingOnce a week
CoatShort, Dense and Glossy
Life Expectancy10 – 14 years
  • They are a very ancient breed and appears in paintings and text since the 4th and 5th centuries BC.
  • ‘Braccos’ have a unique odour about them which which is quite sweet and musky that some people like whereas others do not and can take a bit of getting used to.
  • Traditionally, a Bracco Italiano’s tail was always docked, but since the law banning the procedure came into effect in 2007, tail docking is now illegal with the exception being for some working breeds and if a dog suffers from some sort of health issue that requires their tails to be docked.
  • Although Braccos form strong ties with their families, they are never clingy being more independent by nature than some other breeds. As such, they do not mind being left on their own providing it is never for too long which no dog likes.
  • Braccos have a very playful side to their natures and enjoy playing interactive games which includes activities like “fetch”.


Breed standards vary throughout the world, these links will inform you of those standards and give further information about Bracco Italianos.


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Here’s some websites specifically dedicated to the Bracco Italiano breed, click to view them. I am not affiliated with any of these sites, they’re just here for further information. Please note I will not advertise breeders on this site and as many websites dedicated to a specific breed are run by breeders, sometimes there’s fewer sites listed here.

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