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Chinese Crested Dog

Chinese Crested Dogs are the perfect companion for the couch potato who just wants to snuggle up and cuddle. They are devoted to their owners, following them around and almost able to read their minds. They don’t require a lot of exercise, although they do enjoy it and are easy enough to look after. A happy, friendly, good-tempered breed, the Chinese Crested is a loving pet that thrives in human company and dislikes being left alone for too long. He has a playful nature and is never happier than when on his loved one’s lap. There are two varieties of Chinese Crested dog: the Hairless and the Powder Puff. The name of the breed describes the coat pattern of the hairless variety – a crest of fine hair running from the head and down the neck to the withers. Socks of hair cover the toes and a fine plume adorns the end of the tail. The full coated ‘Powder Puff’ variety is covered entirely by a fine veil of hair. There are also two body-types of the breed: a fine-boned, more delicate-looking version, and a heavier, cobby type. If you want a dog to dress up then this breed is ideal as in the colder weather the hairless variety love wearing clothes! There is evidence that the breed goes back to the time of the Han Dynasty in China, where there were larger types of the breed used for hunting. It’s also thought that it was developed from hairless dogs in Africa, which were bred with toy breeds by the Chinese to produce a small, hairless companion dog, said to have been owned by the royal Han Dynasty and is another example of the miniaturisation of a sporting breed.

Read about the history of this breed – HERE


Most of these stats are from the UK Kennel Club. You can view stats from kennel clubs around the world at the links below, which may have different standards and classifications.

Group – UKToy
Bred ForCompanionship
Rare BreedNo
Country of OriginChina
TemperamentLoving and Loyal
Exercise NeededUp to 30 minutes a day
Size of Home NeededSmall
Height at Withers – Males28 – 33 cm / 11 – 13 in
Height at Withers – Females23 – 30 cm / 9 – 12 in
GroomingOnce a week
CoatHairless or Powder Puff
ColourVarious – see photos
Life SpanUp to 14 years
  • Compared to other breeds, Cresties’ feet are elongated. Some call this longer paw print ‘hare-like’.
  • The hairless ones have a lot of exposed skin, which means they’re prone to many of the same issues humans are. They can get acne, rashes, and sunburn.
  • Despite their name, and their one-time popularity among Chinese sailors, they are not so common in China these days.
  • They are great at jumping, digging, and climbing and can escape over a six-foot fence if they can find a foothold.
  • Unlike other dogs who don’t have many sweat glands except on their paws, the Chinese Crested Dog has sweat glands and they don’t have to pant to cool off.


Breed standard varies throughout the world, these links will inform you of those standards and give further information about Chinese Crested Dogs.


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Enjoy this video about Chinese Crested Dogs, you can view the entire playlist of videos about this breed on our YouTube Channel by clicking the button below:


Here’s some websites specifically dedicated to the Chinese Crested Dog breed. I am not affiliated with any of these sites, they’re just here for further information. Please note I will not advertise breeders on this site and as many websites dedicated to a specific breed are run by breeders, sometimes there’s fewer sites listed here.

Thanks for reading!

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